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Multifactor Authentication

Wefunder supports modern multifactor authentication devices.  Most phones and laptops have built-in secure authenticators, and you can purchase dedicated security keys to protect your account.

It's easy to pair your authenticator with your Wefunder account.  Visit the MFA settings page and click the Add new MFA device button.

If you choose a built-in authenticator, it usually requires you to use your device lock -- your fingerprint or PIN.  This data is processed entirely on your device; Wefunder never gets access to your biometrics or device unlock PIN.  Dedicated security keys usually have a button you must press to confirm the unlock operation.

Once added, you'll see your paired authentication device(s) in the list.  You can give each device a name to help you remember which device is which, and delete authenticators you no longer use.

To avoid getting locked out of your account, we recommend pairing multiple devices with your account.  You should pair both your phone and a dedicated security key for the best security.

You will be required to use one of your security key(s) every time you log in.

If you lose your security keys and get locked out of your account, please contact support.  We'll need to verify your identity in order to reset your account.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Email us: support@wefunder.com