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Any tips for a first-time investor on Wefunder?

Our advice?  Start off slow.

  • Expect to lose it all.  Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

  • Only invest in what you understand.  Preferably, a product or mission that you love.

  • Do your research.  If you have questions, ask the founders. You can ask the founders by posting on the Q&A section of their campaign page, which is all the way at the bottom under the Interview section.

  • Diversify. It’s better to make multiple small investments rather than one large one.  Plus, it’ll help you learn more.  

  • Look at other investors. Startup valuations can be hard to understand for a new investor.  If the terms seem absurd, look to see if an experienced investor has also invested under them.  If not, hold off.

  • Be helpful. Try to be helpful after you invest.  It’s more fun.  Plus, being known as a helpful investor may eventually lead to getting invited to our upcoming VIP club.

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