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Getting vouches.

What are 'vouches'?

After you build out your pitch, you’ll send invites to mentors, advisors, former coworkers, and close friends to vouch for you and your business. They might comment on your character, your expertise, the importance of your team’s mission, or praise of the progress you’ve made so far. 

We’re social creatures – we like to get others’ input as we make decisions. These vouches offer powerful social proof to investors who aren’t as familiar with you or your company.

Where will these comments appear?

If a contact submits a comment and commits to make an investment, their comment will appear in a “What investors say…” tab in your Wefunder pitch.

If they don’t commit, it’ll appear in a “What our friends say…” tab. 


Personalize the invite. We recommend personalizing the message when you invite someone to vouch for you. Personalized outreach always sees better results & having strong recommendations for you and your business could help you raise more off the bat. 

Bump them via another medium. Ping your invited vouchers with a call or a text, if you feel it’s appropriate.

The more the merrier. You can’t really have too many comments testifying to how incredible you and your venture are. Put in a few extra minutes to send out a ton of vouch invites before you launch. Again, these are crucial for early momentum.

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