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How much is a Lead Investor compensated?

Wefunder Investors compensate the Lead Investor - not you.

A Lead Investor earns 5% of all the profits made by investors on Wefunder after an acquisition or IPO (this is like a 5% carried interest stake, but taxed as ordinary income).

What does 5% mean in terms of money? Let’s pretend your startup is the next Uber and you used Wefunder to raise your $1M for the seed round.  That $1M would be worth $5 billion at IPO (based on Uber's return multiple from seed through IPO).  The Lead Investor would earn $249,950,000 - 5% of all profits from Wefunder investors.  

The Lead Investor can also earn 5% carried interest in any follow-on financing rounds that may or may not be offered.