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  • Which offerings am I legally allowed to invest in?

    It depends on whether you’re an accredited or non-accredited investor. If you’re accredited, you can participate in all security offers. If you are non-accredited, you can invest in Reg A+ and Reg CF offers.

  • What’s an accredited investor?

    Accredited investors are wealthy people: typically, they make over $200,000 per year ($300,000 if joint with spouse) or have over $1 million in assets, minus their home.

    To find out your investment limits, open an investor account.

  • How much am I allowed to invest?

    It's complicated.  Thankfully, when you sign up for a Wefunder account, we'll do all these calculations for you.

    The amount you are legally allowed to invest depends on which Regulation the company uses to fundraise.

    For Regulation Crowdfunding offerings, Wefunder calculates your annual investment limit based on the net worth and income provided upon account opening. Investment limits are for every 12 month period. Every investment in a Regulation Crowdfunding offering counts towards the annual limit. We will not let you invest more than this amount. The SEC made it pretty complicated to calculate this number, but if you're curious:

    • Everyone can invest at least $2,200

    • If either your net worth or income is below $107k, you may legally invest a maximum of 5% of the lesser number.

    • If both your net worth and income are above $107k, you may legally invest a maximum of 10% of the lesser number.

    • No one may invest more than $107,000. Accredited investors are subject to the same investment limitations as everyone else, no matter how silly that is.

    For Regulation A+ offerings, unaccredited investors can invest up to 10% of income or net worth per year, whichever is greater.

    For Regulation D offerings, only accredited investors may invest, and they have no limits. 

  • Can I invest if I don't live in the United States?

    We have investors from all around the world! With a few exceptions, we accept investments from international investors, as long as you represent that you are complying with the law in your country.  

    The only exceptions are the Provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta which have requested that we bar their residents from investing.

  • Can I invest via an entity?

    Yes, you can invest via an entity. 

    We also support payments from Alto IRAs for rounds that are raising on on a Convertible Note or SAFE. See our blog post for more information.

    After you click the green Invest button on the company's profile page, you'll get to your investment confirmation page. Under Personal Info, you can add an entity to link to your Wefunder account.

  • Can I add a spouse or beneficiary to my investment?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer joint investments. Each contract must be between the individual investor and the founder of the company receiving the investment.