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  • What are my payment options?

    You can pay using a bank transfer, check, credit card, or wire transfer. If you choose to pay by credit card, there is a $5,000 limit.

    International investors can pay by wire transfer or credit card. For wire transfers, many investors recommend TransferWise.

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  • What fees do I have to pay to make an investment?

    Wefunder charges a 3.5% service fee for all investments, with a minimum $8 fee.

    For methods of payment other than credit cards, we discount the service fee to 2% and cap the fee at $100.

    All fees are refunded if you cancel your investment.

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  • Do my funds enter an escrow account?

    Yes. Your investment is placed in an escrow account hosted at Boston Private Bank. Funds are transferred to the business only after the fundraising target has been met.

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  • How long do I have to send a payment?

    You have 7 days to ensure payment is sent to an escrow account or your investment application will be automatically canceled. 

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  • How do I check my payment status?

    Head over to your investor dashboard to see the status of your payment. You can also update or change your payment method on this dashboard. 

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  • My payment failed. Help!

    When a payment fails, we send you an email. You can follow the instructions in the email to fix the failed payment. 

    If you didn't get the email, you can find which of your investments is awaiting payment on your investor dashboard.

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  • I'm an international investor and I need the IBAN number.

    We do not have an IBAN number. You should be able to send a BIC/SWIFT wire through your bank. 

    If this proves difficult, you may need to contact customer support. We also recommend using TransferWise

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  • How is Wefunder compensated?

    For Regulation Crowdfunding, Wefunder charges investors a small service fee (based on investment size, ranging from $8 to $100 for all payment methods other than credit cards, which have no maximum). We also charge the company up to 7.5% of their total funding volume for Regulation Crowdfunding.

    For Regulation D, Wefunder charges up to 20% Carried Interest.

    For Regulation A+, Wefunder charges $25,000.

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  • Why is my investment still pending?

    Your investment may still be pending because we are still processing your payment. 

    • Bank Transfers (ACH): It takes up to 7 business days to confirm that funds are deposited. 

    • Checks: we will credit your account within 2 business days of receipt, unless there is insufficient information. 

    • Wire Transfers: we will credit your account within 1 day of receipt (usually same day).

    To avoid any potential delays, make sure to include your unique investment ID on your wire or check.

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  • I've been waitlisted. What's that?

    Some investors become waitlisted when so many people apply to invest that the company receives more money than they can legally accept. Instead of reducing the size of everyone's investment, founders may choose which investors to accept and may prioritize those who can help their company the most. 

    You can decrease your chance of being waitlisted by applying to invest early, connecting your social networks, and filling out your profile.

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  • Why is my investment still in escrow?

    The closing process is long and mighty! There are a bunch of SEC guidelines and regulations we have to abide by, lots of paperwork to do – you get the idea. It takes 1-2 months for us to finalize a fundraise after it closes. Once all funds have been sent to the company, your investment will be marked as confirmed.

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  • Why is my total investment less than I pledged?

    At Wefunder, we never issue fractional shares, as we only issue full shares to our investors. When an investor pledges an amount in excess of a full share, Wefunder reduces the total investment to an amount that reflects the closest whole share value below what was pledged. This is due to the fact that we will never take an amount higher than what you have pledged, even if it was closer to the total number of shares an investor originally requested. 

    In this way, we ensure that you receive as close to the number of shares as your pledged amount allows without rounding up and taking funds that have not been pledged. 

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