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Why isn't my live fundraise showing up on the Explore page?

Companies will be visible on the Explore page once they have either (1) filed their Form C, or (2) completed a profile compliance review while in testing the waters. Once campaigns reach $50,000 in testing the waters reservations, they are automatically scheduled for a compliance review by a Wefunder team member and will appear on Explore once that's complete.

Think about it from the investor's perspective: you're looking for investment opportunities and find a cool-looking company. But, there's a big fat $0 on the profile – they haven't raised any money yet. Would you invest? Or would you wait until a person who actually knows the founder invests first?

So, hop on the phone, tap into your network, and raise $50,000 in reservations. Once you do, we will automatically complete a compliance review and you'll be on that Explore page in no time.

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