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What is a Disaster Loan?

Wefunder developed Disaster Loans for the coronavirus crisis.  The intention was to help save small businesses by allowing their customers to give a very low interest loan, with flexible repayment options based on revenues.  

The Disaster Loan is best for small businesses with a passionate customer base who wants to support the companies they love during a crisis.

Like a mortgage, a disaster loan has an interest rate.  However, unlike a mortgage, there is no fixed repayment schedule - the time it takes to pay back is an unknown, as it is based on the revenues of the business.    

To preview a sample, download the Revenue Loan Agreement.  By default, the following terms are customizable in our template:

  • Interest rate.  The annual return investors will receive by the time the loan is paid back.
  • % of Revenue Shared. This is the percentage of revenue that is shared until the loan is paid back.

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