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Why Wefunder?

  • What is Wefunder?

    We are like "Kickstarter for investing".  Your friends, customers, supporters, and local community can invest in your company.

    We help you raise more money, faster, so you can get back to what matters: building your startup.  Plus, you'll have an army of evangelists motivated to help you succeed. 

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  • How are you different than Kickstarter?

    Wefunder lets investors own a small stake in your company, while Kickstarter allows you to sell products.

    We think Kickstarter is super cool, but a customer is very different than an investor. A customer just expects a product – an investor wants to help your company long-term.

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  • Why raise funds from the crowd?

    Make your most loyal customers into owners. They are often your most passionate evangelists.

    Investors have a financial interest in helping your business succeed. For instance, if you own brewery and your customer is also your investor, she'll likely drink more beer there, and bring her friends more often. 

    Need help recruiting an an engineer?  Looking for an intro to a key VP at a big company?  Want feedback on your product from an industry insider? A crowd of investors can help increase your "luck surface area".

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  • How are you better than your competitors?

    We're the largest funding portal by dollars raised, number of companies funded, and number of investors. 

    Because we know what it takes to work with good companies, we have one of the best portfolios in the industry. You want to raise funds on a website alongside other good companies. 

    We understand that founders are busy running their startup, so we do all the grunt work for you. More than that, as founders ourselves (not finance guys or bankers), we know exactly what you are going through. We're a friendly team.

    Finally, we charge no fees up-front, and, if you can find a better offer on price, we'll match it.  

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  • Who else has raised funding?

    Wefunder itself was the first startup to do so.  We raised over $7 million from about 500 investors. We've since funded over 174 companies, including Zenefits, Checkr, Meow Wolf, Gingko Bioworks, Freight Farms, Everipedia, and Goldbely. Many are alumni of Y Combinator.

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  • How many investors are on Wefunder?

    As of early 2018, there are about 150,000 registered investors on Wefunder that have invested close to $56 million.

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  • What fundraising exemptions do you support?

    We support Regulation A+, Regulation D 506(b) and 506(c), and Regulation Crowdfunding. To learn what all this means, and to choose the best one for your business, read our Founder Legal Primer.

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  • Do you group all investors into one shareholder?

    If you are raising with Regulation D, we can group all of your small investors into one shareholder on your cap table using a WeFund SPV. For Regulation Crowdfunding, we created a special Crowdfunding SAFE that proxies all voting power to a Lead Investor and the CEO. 

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  • Do all those investors have voting rights?

    If you use a WeFund, no. We avoid this by having small investors proxy their voting rights to Wefunder, and we act on their behalf. We will exercise all of the voting rights held by a WeFund in the interest of the fund's investors.

    Small investors also don't have any voting rights if you use the Wefunder Crowdfunding SAFE.

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  • What do you charge?

    It's free to create a company profile on Wefunder.

    Wefunder charges 7.5% of the total fundraise, only if successful.  For instance, if a company raises $100,000, we charge $7,500 upon close.

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