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Why Wefunder?

  • What is Wefunder?

    We are like "Kickstarter for investing".  Your friends, customers, supporters, and local community can invest in your company - with only one entry on your cap table.

    We help you raise more money, faster, so you can get back to what matters: building your startup.  Plus, you'll have an army of evangelists motivated to help you succeed. 

  • How are you different than Kickstarter?

    Wefunder lets investors own a small stake in your company, while Kickstarter allows you to sell products.

    We think Kickstarter is super cool, but a customer is very different than an investor. A customer just expects a product – an investor wants to help your company long-term.

  • Who are the best startups funded by Wefunder?

    Prestige matters: the best platform places you alongside the best companies. We’ve funded 4 startups now worth over $1 billion and 12 over $100M.

    In total, over $2.2 billion dollars of venture capital has been invested on companies first funded on Wefunder.  

    Wefunder itself was the first startup to raise funding on Wefunder, raising over $10 million from about 1000 investors. We've since funded millions of dollars into hundreds of companies, including Zenefits, Checkr, Meow Wolf, Gingko Bioworks, Freight Farms, Everipedia, and Goldbely. Many are alumni of Y Combinator.  Check out our results.

  • Why raise funds from the crowd?

    Make your most loyal customers into owners. They are often your most passionate evangelists.

    Investors have a financial interest in helping your business succeed. For instance, if you own a brewery and your customer is also your investor, she'll likely drink more beer there, and bring her friends more often. 

    Need help recruiting an engineer?  Looking for an intro to a key VP at a big company?  Want feedback on your product from an industry insider? A crowd of investors can help increase your "luck surface area".

  • Do you group all investors into one shareholder on the cap table?

    Yes! All investors on Wefunder are treated as one shareholder: XX Investments LLC.

    Even if you raise funding from 2,000 investors on Wefunder, only XX Investments  LLC will appear on your cap table. 

  • Do all these investors vote?


    You only need to talk to one person to sign off on any corporate actions:  your Lead Investor.  You choose the Lead Investor. 

  • How are you better than your competitors?

    We deliver more money, faster.  We're the largest funding portal by dollars raised, number of companies funded, number of investors, and most follow-on financing by venture capitalists. 

    We work with better companies measured by returns.  Because we know what it takes to work with good companies, we have one of the best portfolios in the industry. You want to raise funds on a website alongside other good companies. Over $2.2 billion of follow-on financing has been invested in our companies.  

    We are tech founders, not finance people.  We understand that founders are busy running their startup, so we do all the grunt work for you. More than that, as founders ourselves (not finance guys or bankers), we know exactly what you are going through. We're a friendly team.

    We'll beat anyone on price.  We charge no fees up-front, and, if you can find a better offer, we'll match it.  

    We're a B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation.  Our values are important to us.  We are legally required to follow our Charter to help more founders get off the ground.

    We started this industry.  We helped Congress pass the laws that legalized equity crowdfunding back in 2012, and were invited to watch President Obama sign it into law.  Check out the Wefunder Story.  

    We have the best community of founders. We believe belonging to community of other helpful founders will help your company succeed.  That's why we started the XX, a community of founders who have built companies collectively worth billions of dollars. 

  • Besides money, how else do you help?

    Wefunder created the XX to help founders get off the ground and succeed, by immersing them in a community of other founders.  XX is now a separate company, but all Wefunder alumni are members who get:

    • A Lead Investor who will help when asked
    • Access to an online community of other founders and mentors
    • Ability to request office hours with XX mentors
    • Invites to fire-side chats and dinners (on Zoom and in SF)
    • Help with fundraising after Wefunder
    • Invites to S'more Club & Wefunder Workaway
    • Review of Y Combinator applications 
  • What's the downside of using Wefunder?

    The main downside of using Wefunder is that the law requires that you disclose your financials to the public.  If you are not comfortable doing this, you can't raise money on Wefunder.  

    Otherwise, most of the other potential downsides have been solved:

    • One entity on your cap table 
    • You choose a prestigious Lead Investor to direct the vote of all shares
    • Startups first funded by Wefunder have since raised over $2.2 billion from VCs
    • Accept unlimited unaccredited investors with no concerns about going public due to the 12(g) threshold
    • Only one annual report required that we can help you fill out in an hour.  If you don't file your annual report, the penalty is you can't raise again using Regulation Crowdfunding until you file it.  However, you can raise money under Reg D from Venture Capitalists without filing your annual report.