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International Investor Guide

Here's a quick and handy guide for investing from abroad! 


Go to the Community Round page of the raise you'd like to invest in.

Step 1: Input the investment amount. If perks are available, they will illuminate the levels you will meet with your investment amount.

Step 2: Provide personal information (be sure to include whether or not you’re investing via an entity). 

Step 3: Provide Payment information. If you’re investing outside of the US, the payment options available are Credit Card or Wire Transfer. Credit card payments are limited to $10,000. If you try to pay by credit card and it's rejected, you may need to call your credit card company to approve the payment, as banks often have security protocols in place that you may need to approve. For wire transfers, we ask that you use You’ll receive an email with instructions after completing your investment. 

Step 4: Agree to Terms and Conditions. Click the check box to agree. 

Step 5: After reviewing the investment amount and fees associated, click 'Complete Investment.' You’ll receive a confirmation email of your investment (and wire instructions, if applicable).

Completing wire transfers:  

You’ll receive an email with wire instructions, but you can also find them by going to after making your investment.  

If you wish to use, go to Choose your country in the top dropdown box.

Include the correct USD total in the bottom portion (found in your wire instructions). This will automatically update how much you need to send from your home currency. 

Click 'Get Started.' You’ll be asked to set up an account or log in to an existing one.

After setting up your account, please follow the prompts to send your wire. Please note that international wires will be sent to our third-party bank and land in your Wefunder account within 5-7 business days. The delay is because all wires must go through fraud and AML checks.

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