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Information About Updating Investors

One of the top ways to lose trust with your Wefunder investors is to completely drop communication after your successful campaign. People who invest their money in your startup want to know how you're progressing. That progress could be anything from a new sale to a mention in the press. These don't have to be exceptionally long - some of the best investor updates on the site are less than three sentences. Just pass along the good news, and always include a picture if you can.  

To write an update, go to your Company Overview page. From there, you'll see the option to post an update. The text editor should look familiar - actions like bolding, italicizing, and adding paragraph breaks will work the same here as they did in the profile editor. When you are done writing the update, click publish. You'll be given options to make it private for your investors only or to the general public. In addition, you can choose if you'd like to send out email notifications.

Below are some examples of popular ideas for investor updates, but the important thing to keep in mind is that, for the most part, you're communicating with people who have already invested in your business. These are people you're trying to achieve something with. So be yourself -- let your and your startup's personality be the guiding force here. 


New Product Update 

- For a product company, announcing new styles and lines is a perfect update.



News Update

- Your investors have different motivations for investing in your startup, but the common thread is that they all want you to succeed. Your good news is their good news!  

Cool New Happenings Update

- Let the community know when cool things are happening.


Funding Update 

- This is good news for investors and allows them to ask questions in the comments section about how this outside funding could affect their investment in your company.


Sale Update 

- For a company in the middle of its campaign, sharing news like this is only good. 


Off-Platform Investor Event Update

- We love the idea of live chats with investors!


In The News Update 

- In the first example, the startup linked to an article focused on the market. In the second, the link was for a story written specifically about the startup, and also provides some context into why this is good press for the company. Both are good ideas. 


And don't be scared to let investors know when things aren't going well. Just a quick recap of your struggles lets them know that your trying and possibly pivoting to better ideas. Silence can be costly and ruin trust and reputations.

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