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What we'll do vs. what we'll need from you.

What you'll do for your Wefunder round: 

- Create your Wefunder pitch. You can upload your slide deck or build it from scratch.

- Bring your community. Invite customers, friends, family, and colleagues to invest in your business.

- Provide info about your business. Once you've raised your goal, you'll provide things like GAAP financials and potential risks to get the money in hand.

What we'll do: 

- Provide ready-to-use standard contracts for revenue shares, simple loans, and a standard SAFE.

- Polish your pitch to make it as clear and compelling as possible.

- Promote your round to our community of 1.59M+ investors.

- Handle all investment transactions and provide software to engage with investors post-close easily.

- Generate, review, and file your Form C with the SEC when you're ready to close your round.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Email us: