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Setting Up Analytics

Firstly, head over to the the promotion settings in your founder overview to get Google and Facebook tracking pixels setup: wefunder.com/yourcompany/step/promote/5

Step 1: Setting Up Google Analytics.

When you fundraise, you can plug in your own Google Analytics to track profile views and conversion rates (who actually invests after viewing your profile). Check out the Google Analytics Installation Guide for a how-to on setting it up.

Here's a video walk through from our fundraising team.

Step 2: Campaign Tracking (Advanced).

We’ve added support for utm-like parameters so you can segment your Wefunder traffic and figure out which promotions are driving the most investors.

If you include wf_campaign, wf_source, or wf_medium parameters to your Wefunder profile URL we’ll pass corresponding utm_campaign, utm_source, and utm_medium parameters to your Google Analytics pageviews.

Example: Visiting the company profile: https://wefunder.com/democat?wf_campaign=demo

Will trigger the pageview:


Step 3: Conversion and Retargeting Pixels (Advanced)

We also support Google AdWords and Facebook Ads tracking pixels. If you provide a retargeting pixel, we’ll include it whenever someone visits your company profile. And if you provide a conversion pixel, we’ll include it whenever someone completes an investment.

Check out the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Installation Guide for a how-to on setting it up.

Here's another snazzy video walk through from our team.

More Detailed Instructions:

Google Analytics

Here are the first steps to setting up a Google Analytics account.

The next step is to set up a Google search console. This allows you to upload a sitemap that lets Google know how to show your site on Google search engines and much more.

Another Google product you will require is Google Tag Manager. This allows your Google Analytics to track buttons links and more on the site.

To retarget for Google ads for you need to have events built from you Google Tag Manager to capture user information to create a target for your Google Ads campaign. Instructions here:



Facebook Pixels

Setting up Facebook Pixels is very similar to google analytics and tag manager, just follow the information here.

Once Facebook Pixels is set up, the events are being tracked. This means you can create an audience on Facebook based on events( page views, likes, comments, clicks etc.)

If you already have a customer list you can upload it to Facebook and retarget from there.


To upload existing customers on google you follow these instructions:



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