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Getting Started

  • Can a non-U.S. company fundraise on Wefunder?

    No. Unfortunately, we can only accept companies in the United States.

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  • Is my company a good fit for Wefunder?

    We've found that companies with certain qualities have a greater success rate:

    - Do you have a strong community of friends, supporters, fans, or customers? Most companies bring in ~50% of their investors. 

    - Are you doing something really cool that no one has ever done before? Investors get excited about being part of something ambitious.

    - Does your product directly improve people's lives? People like to invest in things that do good in the world. 

    - Do you have at least one investor investing on the same terms? 

    - Do you have some traction?  Investors like proof you can execute.

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  • What kind of businesses can fundraise?

    We accept nearly any type of company, be it a brick-and-mortar restaurant or a high-tech software startup. However, we do not fund marijuana, porn, gambling, banking, or investing companies. 

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  • When am I ready to start fundraising on Wefunder?

    We fund companies at all stages: you can use Wefunder to raise as little as $50,000. However, unless you plan to raise from only a circle of close friends, we recommend not fundraising on Wefunder until you have some proof points that can convince investors you "get stuff done," and are not just a dreamer. While there are no requirements, we recommend at least one experienced investor that publicly endorses your company, and sets the terms of your fundraise. It also helps to have at least a working prototype, and ideally, a few paying customers. But before then, create a free profile, and start collecting followers!

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  • Let's do this! How do I start fundraising on Wefunder?

    That's awesome! We're excited to help you fundraise. Head over to our fundraising page and fill out your information.  We'll get back to you within three days with an estimate of how much you can raise.

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  • Can I use Wefunder if I'm not fundraising?

    Yes!  You can create a profile for your company and collect followers who care about your mission.

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  • How long will it take until my fundraise is live?

    1. Terms and Disclosures

    It’s hard to say how long this takes since it varies a lot, but plenty of people are able to get these done in a weekend or two if they are motivated!

     2. Generate the Form C and Review (1-2 Weeks). 

    Once Step 1 is complete, Wefunder will generate a draft Form C. You’ll need to review it, have your lawyer review it, and populate anything that’s missing. 

    3. Final Review and Launch (1 Week). 

    During the final review, multiple people will do a thorough review, and then we'll make sure the data is in a form that we can submit to the SEC. Most of the work is on our end at this point, though we’ll need some input and clarification from you from time-to-time. 

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