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What we'll do vs. what we'll need from you.

What you'll do for your Wefunder round: 

1. Create your Wefunder pitch. You can upload your slide deck or build it from scratch.

2. Bring the crowd. Invite customers, friends, family, and colleagues to invest in your business.

3. Provide information about your business. Once you've raised your goal, you'll provide things like GAAP financials and potential risks to get the money in hand.

What we'll do: 

1. Provide ready-to-use standard contracts for revenue shares, simple loans, and a standard SAFE.

2. Polish your pitch to make it as clear and compelling as possible.
3. Promote your round to our community of 1.59M+ investors.

4. Handle all investment transactions and provide software that allows you to easily engage with investors post-close.

5. Generate, review, and file your Form C with the SEC when you're ready to close your round.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Email us: