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Why should I invest in startups?

It shouldn't be to make lots of money! This isn't the stock market. Startups are much riskier and more likely to fail.  Greed is a bad reason to invest.

Of course, if you invest wisely, you can make money.  Our advice?  Invest only in what you understand (and preferably love). If you are a customer and love the product, then it’s more likely it’s a good investment. If you don’t understand it, it may be a bad idea to invest. 

Our opinion is that investing should not be solely about earning a return.  To invest in something as risky as a startup, you should feel something extra, beyond just the business model.  For us, that “something extra” is the personal fulfillment we get from helping a founder take “their shot” at making our world a slightly better place.  We also think it’s pretty cool to learn about different industries when we get updates from the founder.