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Can I invest from my Self-Directed IRA?

Yes. If you have a self-directed IRA, you can most likely invest with it. You must follow these steps to have a smooth experience:

Please note: Investors can only invest via their IRA if the investment is a minimum of $1000.

First Steps
  • Investor must create a Wefunder account if they don't have one.
  • Investor should put their name in the legal name section of the account. Do not put your entity in the legal name area.
  • Investor needs to create an entity in their settings ( Once you go to your settings, click Investor Information on the side menu and "Add Entity" under Entities. The IRA needs to give the investor the entity's title so that it will show on their contract.
  • Investor needs to create an investment for the company they are interested in.
    • Investor needs to select wire as their option for payment.
Wire information gets emailed to the investor and is available in their portfolio ( 
Possible Needed Steps
  • Investor must verify their identity (required by SEC) if they haven't already done so on their account.
  • Investor must verify their accreditation (required by SEC) when investing over $50,000 if they haven't already done so on their account.
Last Steps
  • The IRA needs to contact Wefunder ( for the subscription agreement.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: The IRA needs to reach out with the investor name, investor email used on Wefunder, and company the investor is investing in. Additionally, Wefunder will not provide the subscription agreement to the investor until the investment is finalized.
  • Wefunder will supply the agreement to the IRA, and the IRA will send the money to Wefunder.
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