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Who is qualified to be a Lead Investor?

We will almost always approve a Lead Investor that invests $20,000 or more on the same terms as other Wefunder investors, provided there is no conflict of interest or family ties. We will also always approve an XX team member.

If you recommend someone to be a Lead Investor, we will approve after a 10 minute interview based on if:

  • They invest at least $1,000 in your company on the same terms as other Wefunder investors
  • They are not a family member
  • They are founder-friendly (as the best investors in Silicon Valley are), but they also understand their fiduciary duty to the investors.
  • They have enough basic sophistication to understand how venture financing works
  • They are willing to provide a quote (text or video) to Wefunder investors about why they have agreed to be the Lead Investor