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Why is my investment still pending?

Your investment may still be pending because we are still processing your payment. 

  • Bank Transfers (ACH): It takes approximately one to two weeks to confirm that funds are deposited. 

  • Checks: we will credit your account within a few business days of receipt, unless there is insufficient information. Checks typically take 2-3 weeks for us to receive and reconcile them.

  • Wire Transfers: Wires can take 2-3 weeks to receive and reconcile. This is because there are several intermediary banks that they typically have to go through, and then occasionally a delay when it hits our escrow account and notifies our system.

To avoid any potential delays, make sure to include your unique investment ID on your wire or check.

If you're paying by wire or check, you will need to provide additional information about the payment to help us reconcile it. To do so, after you've sent out the wire / check, log into Wefunder and go to https://wefunder.com/portfolio, where you should see a message to "provide payment info." 

Your investment could also be pending for a few other reasons - if you need to provide your SSN (all investments), verify your identity (for an investment over $2,200) or accreditation status (for an investment over $25,000). 

Or, if you made a reservation in a campaign and need to confirm after they've filed their legal paperwork.

If any of these steps are needed, you'll see a red banner at the top of the Wefunder page once you log in. Clicking the red banner will take you to the correct page, where you can provide this information. Your investment will not fully process until you do so. 

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