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Can I share my profile before filing with the SEC?

If you are not fundraising, you can share your profile publicly.

However, until your fundraise is enabled on Wefunder and your Form C is filed, it is not legal to publicly say that you are fundraising now, or have a concrete plan to do so in the future.  You can ask people to "follow" your profile to show their support, but are not allowed to say things like: "We are going to fundraise on May 16th" or "as soon as we file with the SEC, we'll be raising at a $4 million valuation."

However, if you invite people you already know and have a relationship with (using a special link), Wefunder can help you collect money under Regulation D.  This will help you see if your friends and existing network are willing to invest in you before you start a Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign.