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What are Early Bird terms & how do they work?

What are Early Bird Terms?

Early Bird terms allow you to offer slightly better terms to those who invest first in your round. These are a reward for those who decide to back you before everyone else. They also give a reason for investors to invest immediately - not later. That extra momentum can spark an entire fundraise.

Why should I offer Early Bird Terms?

Companies that offer Early Bird terms to the first $50k - $100k worth of investments typically raise funding much faster. Generally, Early Bird terms are a 10% - 25% discount off of the normal terms. The lead investor should help you to set the Early Bird terms since they're typically one of the first to invest.

For example, if you're raising $250K on a SAFE with a $10M cap, you may decide to offer the first $50K of investors (the "early bird investors") an $8M cap.

Which investors qualify for Early Bird terms?

  • Only investors within the set amount will get the terms.
  • Early bird terms are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.
  • You must confirm your investment to receive early-bird terms.
  • A reservation does not guarantee that an investor will receive early bird terms.
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