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What information do I need to provide for Wefunder to generate a Form C?

Broadly speaking here's what you can expect to include in your legal disclosures, which Wefunder will then use to generate your Form C:

  • Company incorporation information (like legal name, EIN, and date of incorporation)
  • Owners, officers, and Directors names and work history (usually as a LinkedIn link)
  • Terms you'd like to offer on Wefunder
  • The contact information of your Lead Investor
  • Your campaign minimum and maximum, as well as what you plan to use the funds for
  • Potential risks you see in your business
  • An overview of your cap table
  • Information on prior debt and equity raises (like the date, amount, and terms of the raise)
  • Recent financial information (like monthly revenues, expenses, and COGS)
  • Financial statements (more information on exactly what's required for your financial statements here).
Can't find what you're looking for?

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