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I've been waitlisted. What does that mean?

Some investors are waitlisted when a large number of people apply to invest and the company receives more money than they can legally accept. 

It is quite common for a campaign to have a rush of investors as it gets closer to reaching its desired amount, which can create some misunderstandings on exactly "when" it becomes oversubscribed. 

We will not be able to fully confirm investments until after the campaign ends and our Wefunder Closing Team works with them to get everything in order. Our automatic emails regarding the company will all mention the waitlist, including if you invested before it was oversubscribed and it just took a bit to process. You could be successfully in Reg CF, but still receive a waitlist email.

In an oversubscription situation, investments are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, unless the issuer requests a different setup.

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