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How do I get mentioned in Wefunder's newsletter?

Wefunder’s marketing emails are currently undergoing a huge overhaul– we’ve dedicated an entire team to increasing their effectiveness. 

We've found that delivering personalized emails – at varying frequencies based on each user’s data - perform dramatically better than sending all of our users the same exact generic newsletter each Thursday. Investments go up and unsubscribes go down.

This is a major project that will take some time to fully roll-out but we are moving fast and releasing iterations each week. 

While we don’t yet know exactly know how this system will evolve, we do know that it will depend on objective data directly linked to investments: 

Here are a few examples:

  • Once you raise €50,000 and have a Lead Investor, you are eligible to be included in marketing emails.

  • You can increase your odds of being exposed to more potential investors by choosing a prestigious lead investor that invests a significant amount on the same terms, opting in to conduct an investor panel, choosing the most relevant categories and tags for your company, getting a lot of traffic and follow/investing conversions on your profile page, writing effective investor updates, and getting spike of investments in a short time period.

  • Our system will highlight companies in digests when they first hit €50,000, when they are closing soon, if they have a popular update, or if they’ve raised the most in that time period. The frequency of these emails will be set by investor preference, but will most often be once per week.
Can't find what you're looking for?

Email us: support@wefunder.com